Hi All

Welcome to the UCC Rugby website,

My name is Annie and I am the captain of the UCC Women’s Rugby Team for 2020/21.

I am a 3rd year Chemistry Student who has been playing rugby for almost 8 years now. I joined the UCC Women’s Rugby Team in my first year in UCC and I never looked back!

UCC Women’s Rugby is the most welcoming, inclusive and friendly team and I would encourage everyone with an interest to join us. I believe college rugby is hugely important especially for women, as there are not many sports you could comfortably pick up and play for the first time at the age of 18 or 19 or even older. However, every year we welcome new players, some who have never played before coming to college. These girls always thrive and it is so positive for the existing players to see new blood coming through the ranks. I also believe rugby is one of the few sports where there is a position on the field for everybody- no matter your height, build or body type.

Besides all the physical advantages such as getting fit and exercising regularly, one of the best parts about UCC Women’s Rugby is the friendships made within the team. This group of girls are consistently encouraging each other, supporting each other, and making each other laugh. The friends we make through rugby, are friends we will have for life.

If anyone would like more information about training or if you have any questions, please contact us at womensrugby@uccclubs.ie”